Hot Legs & Feet presents: Hey guys, what’s up? Well Tomas has been calling me almost every day for the last two weeks but I wasn’t until last night that I called him back, I wanted to make him wait. I did let him come over that one day just to suck his cock and to see what he had to say, he knew that he fucked up really bad and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to forgive him yet. Now I know it takes two to tango... show more

so he’s only half at fault and I know first hand how persuasive she can be, she didn’t take no for an answer when she was trying to get it my pants. But even though that was the case I didn’t want him to think it was going to be that easy so it wasn’t until this morning when I told him he could come back over. I was laying o my bed flipping through a sex mag waiting for Tomas to arrive, he came in and got on the bed and began kissing my feet like a good little boy. I picked up a pillow and smacked him, just to let him know I was still pissed off and then he hit me right back, we went back and forth before I got up on my knees and we stated kissing. I lifted my top and held it up as Tomas started licking and kissing my stomach, I was feeling really horny and it was going to be tough not to give in. I laid down and began rubbing my feet up and down on his cock, he grabbed one of my feet and lifted it to his mouth and started biting at my toes. He took off his shirt and then laid down and I used my feet to pull his pants down and then I wrapped my feet around his cock and started stroking him off. Tomas began playing with my boobs, rubbing and squeezing them tight and then he grabbed my feet and started moving them up and down, stroking his cock up hard. I laid down on my side and went right back to foot jerking his cock and then I reach down and slipped my hand in my panties and began rubbing my twat up and down, feeling the warmth from the inside out. I got my ass up into Doggy and then lifted my feet up towards my ass Tomas grabbed and held both my feet and started pumping his big hard cock between them, I could feel his cock throbbing between my feet as he continued fucking them. I reached back and started rubbing my ass all over and then I got up on my knees, I took off my top and Tomas started playing with my tits. I laid down on my stomach with my sexy ass facing up and Tomas held my feet fucking them both as he pumped his cock between them. I rolled over onto my back and Tomas pulled off one of my socks, I put my bare foot under his cock and then rubbed my other foot on top. Tomas started sniffing my sock and I slipped off my panties, you should have seen the look on his face when he thought I was going to give him some pussy. I continued rubbing my feet on his long hard cock stroking him up and down as I licked my fingers and started rubbing my bare twat. Tomas laid down and I got on top with my ass facing him and then I wrapped my feet back around his cock and began sliding them up and down. Tomas reached around and held my feet tightly around his cock, moving them up and down hard and strong and then reaching up and playing with my boobs. I got down from on top of him and laid on my side and then I began rubbing my pussy as I stroked his cock with my feet. Tomas got up on his knees and I stuck his cock in my sock with my foot and then he started pumping it in and out as I teasingly played with my twat and tits. I rolled back over onto my side and Tomas started rubbing his hardened cock on my feet and then I rolled over onto my stomach and Tomas got on his knees facing away, holding my feet up and fucking them both as I rubbing my ass and pussy all over. Tomas shot his load off all over my feet, creaming them both with his jizz and then he took off my sock and gave it to me to lick up his mess and then I rubbed it on my pretty face. I made sure he got off and all but I knew he wanted to fuck both my nasty holes and don’t get me wrong I wanted it too but I had to make him pay for what he did to me. As they say it’s better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. Tomas must have been reading my mind because right about then he just up and started pissing all over my feet, I know he did it to be an ass that’s just the way he is. But one thing Tomas doesn’t know about me is that to be pissed on really turns me on so I didn’t say a word I just sat there and I rubbed my feet together.

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